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Comment Total confused! * * o o o
Written by Ronald from Hong Kong on 3/6/2001
I visited this site because the founder said the predicating method is so powerful. Well, I visited, registered and tested, but I just don't understand what it is. May be it's too difficult for a normal guy like me to understand the complexity of this stock tool.
Comment Where is the magic? * * o o o
Written by VC from Hong Kong on 1/31/2001
Does any body still remember ProSticks claimed how important and great their stock predicting system was a few months back? After the dotcom burst, it’s such an extreme case that people are avoiding to have anything related to dotcom, including news, job, investment, etc.
Comment The most intelligent! * * * * 1/2 *
Written by Vanni Kwok from Hong Kong on 7/31/2000
ProSticks.Com is the most intelligent financial forecast site in the region! Its functionality is so rich together with the easy access user interface. It’s win-win situation definitely stand up among its competitors.
Comment Innovative! * * * * 1/2 *
Written by Noriko from Hong Kong on 6/16/2000
The artificial intelligence forecast is one of the best Iíve seen on the market!
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