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Comment Personalized information * * * 1/2 * o
Written by Rajia from Hong Kong on 9/3/2000
e-finance provide more individual financial services, like personalized finance info. It's really a B2C model.
Comment Good site. * * * * 1/2 *
Written by loben from Hong Kong on 8/12/2000
i think e-finance provide more individual financial services, while boom seems more regional, including US market, and e-finet is more locally oriented and their chart is quite useful and user-friendly.
Comment The Speed is NOT Acceptable! * * * 1/2 * o
Written by Jimmy Kwok from Hong Kong on 3/15/2000
I gave the speed of e-finance 1 (worst), because I can't even connect to the site today for 5 hours. What's the use if e-finance offerf free stock quote while doesn't allow people to connect to their site because of the heavy traffic? e-finance, I sincerely suggest upgrade your infrastructure and the bandwidth in order to keep a professional service and remain as the top financial information portal in Hong Kong.
Comment Free real time stock! * * * 1/2 * o
Written by Cecilia Chu from Hong Kong on 3/14/2000
I love the newest FREE feature by e-finance, though I found the speed of the site has been substantially slow comparing to last week.
Comment Intelligent Web site * * * * o
Written by Sharon Lee from Hong Kong on 2/13/2000
This is one of the most intelligent Web site I've ever came across n Hong Kong. I was able to quickly locate the most suitable Visa card in seconds.
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