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Comment very good * * * * *
Written by Joseph Quinones from United States of America on 2/14/2005
sohu is the premier search engine in china and will continue to be for a long time
Comment NO.1 portal site in China! * * * * o
Written by Li Qi Feng from China on 10/14/2001
I like this site for the fast search engin, sports news, IT news and other cool channels. In additional, Sohu has a great English news channel, that is the best in mainland China. I like this site for the fast search engin, sports news, IT news and other cool channels.
Comment Sohu is falling apart... * * o o o
Written by Dong from China on 10/14/2001
In the beginning of the internet boom in China, everyone was thinking about how much money they should wire in from their investors. But what we think about now is how much can we wire out to pay back our investors. This is the fate of Sohu and Charles Zhang now to have delist from NASDAQ soon.
Comment Copycat of what eastern did * 1/2 * o o o
Written by Jade from China on 7/30/2001
In the Chinese I.T. world, there were plenty of idiotic businesses that managed to attract investment. We've all heard stories about the returnees who raised tens of millions on the dubious strength of a business plan and an MBA, about companies launching an initial public offering (IPO) with shamefully bad websites. Now sohu proved to be just like that with its' coming stock delist from NASDAQ not far now. Good Luck and Good Bye!
Comment ICP is dead! * * 1/2 * o o
Written by Nieto from Hong Kong on 4/3/2001
China's homegrown portals, the sites Web-crawlers use as their home pages, are slowly bleeding to death. Years from becoming profitable, Sina, Netease and Sohu are burning through cash stockpiled from their IPOs, and their founders—China's best-known Internet heroes—are starting to wonder who among them will fold or sell out first. If I were the CEO of Sohu, I will seriously consider selling the portal to MSN while it's still worth something.
Comment Recent co-branding with Ping'An * * * * o
Written by Corey Zhang from China on 1/31/2001
China's urban population is becoming more affluent, and is therefore demanding greater protection of their basic living standards and treasured assets. Market-driven companies like and Ping'An are taking advantage of this growing source of profitable income. This new agreement is not only serving a more sophisticated consumer, but exemplifies the more sophisticated advertising paradigm that is offering the market.
Comment Moving on... * * * * 1/2 *
Written by Mark Kimson from Hong Kong on 12/19/2000
As part of the integration of the finally announced its plan to cut staffs due to conflicts of positions and responsibilities. is here to stay. This profit-driven efficiency initiative is the next step in the company's evolution.'s structural consolidation makes the company more productive and more responsive to the needs of the market.
Comment Congratulations being the top! * * * * o
Written by Jack Chan from China on 12/15/2000
According to the latest NetValue report that ranked first in three out of six indices and took second place in the remaining three categories, winning handily NetValue's overall "General Ranking" of web properties. Congratulations! Well done Sohu!
Comment Duplicated Business * * * o o
Written by Zhang Yi Qing from China on 9/21/2000
Overall speaking Sohu is very comprehensive in content, but recent acquisition of is a wrong business decision. Sohu claimed most of its visitors are city white collars and has a majority of young university students. As everyone in mainland China knows, both sites has the same target distribution, Sohu only want to become the biggest ICP that’s the only reason. However, Sohu is going to be hurt deeply by this buy out in long term.
Comment Keep me up to date! * * * * o
Written by Wong Jian from China on 3/8/2000
I live in Beijing, China and Sohu is the site I visit every morning I turned on my computer. It keeps me up to date with the things happening in China and around the world.
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