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Comment Tao Bao won at the end * * * * *
Written by Joseph Chow from Hong Kong on 1/1/2020
After years of hard working, finally most of the Hong Kong ppl use Tao Bao daily for almost everything. It turns out eCommerce in Mainland China is way more advanced than we thought at the beginning of year 2000.
Comment BABA surprised me!!! * * * * *
Written by James from Hong Kong on 12/14/2017
After almost 20 years, taobao finally made to the number 1 spot in Mainland China! It's parent company Alibaba and Mr. Ma definitely did an amazing job!
Comment One of the Best! * * * * *
Written by Marie from China on 6/4/2009
I used Taobao to source almost everything I need since 2003 and most of the goods I got from Taobao is way cheaper than shops on street, this is highly recommended if you are within Mainland! Marie from HangZhou
Comment Weldone Tao Bao * * * * 1/2 *
Written by James Mok from Hong Kong on 9/14/2006
Great business portal, like to see in English if possible.
Comment Even better than YiQu (Ebay CN) * * * * *
Written by Eddie Qiang from China on 12/14/2004
I like Tao Bao so much and I went there to search for treasure every day and seemed they have a lot more items than Ebay China and the community is much stronger as well. I would strongly recommend this user-centric on-line auction site to everyone within Mainland China to take a look, you won't be regret!
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